Antebellum Red 2021

This wine was made from a complex blend of our own estate Chambourcin grapes along with Washington-grown Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Malbec grapes and some Tennessee-grown Noiret and Norton grapes. This blend was first aged in French and American oak barrels for two years, then transferred to recently emptied Tennessee whiskey barrels for another twelve months of aging. This “whiskey barrel aging” further mellows the wine and infuses it with extra layers of delicious complexity. Though there are several other “bourbon barrel aged” red wines on the market today, we were one of the first modern American wineries to age dry red wine in charred oak whiskey barrels, and the Antebellum blend itself is totally unique to us.

Food Pairing: BBQ, smoked meats, steaks, savory dishes, dark chocolate

Sensory Notes:
Style | dry red wine, Tennessee whiskey barrel aged
Sweetness | dry
Color | dark crimson red
Aroma | cherry cola, tobacco
Flavor | cherry cola, wild blackberries, a hint of TN whiskey