The Final Encore

The Final Encore was made from our estate grown Chambourcin grapes. It’s a blend of the 2019 and 2020 vintages and was aged in American and French oak barrels for three years. Halfway through fermentation, neutral-flavored grape brandy (80% alcohol) was added to the must. This “fortification” raised the alcohol content to 18% and stopped the fermentation, which left residual sugar in the wine. Then the “fortified” must was pressed to remove skins and seeds and the resulting wine was settled in stainless steel tanks for several months. The clarified wine was then racked into American and French oak barrels for aging. This smooth dessert wine captures the essence of our history: delicious, beautiful, and long-lasting! Best enjoyed now or cellared through 2030.

Food Pairing: This wine can be enjoyed on its own or paired with blue cheeses (like Stilton), crème brûlée, and chocolate desserts.

Sensory Notes:
Style: rich, sweet, Ruby Port-style
Sweetness: very sweet
Color: very dark ruby
Aroma: brown sugar, butterscotch
Flavor: Luxardo cherries, sweet brown butter

Technical Data:
Alcohol:19% ABV
Residual Sugar: 8.4g/L (43 grams of sugar per 500ml bottle)
Varietal: 100% estate-grown Chambourcin