Wine Club FAQs2022-02-03T20:46:57-05:00

Wine Club FAQs

How much does it cost to join Kix’s Wine Club?2022-08-19T16:05:22-05:00

There is no fee to join Kix’s Wine Club and you may sign up anytime online or by visiting us. Automated wine club orders are processed four times a year. As a member you agree to all the membership terms and conditions. Membership Terms and Conditions are subject to change (terms highlighted below – under Automated Orders tab).  Memberships are non-transferable and to be used by the member only.

When am I charged for automated wine club orders?2024-01-03T14:14:51-05:00
  • MARCH 2024: Payment is processed March 1, 2024.
  • MAY 2024: Payment is processed May 1, 2024.
  • SEPTEMBER 2024: Payment is processed Sept 1, 2024.
  • NOVEMBER 2024: Payment is processed Nov 1, 2024.

Notifications of Automated Club Orders –
You will receive an email two weeks prior to each club release noting important dates of your upcoming club release. It is the member’s responsibility to notify Kix’s Wine club team of any changes to credit card, billing/shipping address, club tier or wine selection, prior to the processing date noted in the emails.

Please note ALL eligible payment methods we have on file for you could be used to collect the fees for your automated club order.  You authorize Arrington Vineyards (without notice to you) to collect fees using any eligible payment method we have on record for your account.  Any credit cards used on your account are automatically saved on file and if a card decline’s for an automated payment of your club order then Arrington Vineyards has the right to charge the next card saved on file (if you DO NOT want other cards charged for your club order we suggest not using multiple credit cards for everyday purchases on your account).  Account updates submitted after your order has been processed will not be accepted.

Where can I receive my wine shipments?2022-02-01T21:46:17-05:00

We recommend shipping your wine orders to a business address to ensure that an adult will be available to sign for the package. Federal law requires all wine shipments to have the signature of an adult 21+ years of age to deliver wine. Shipments are handled by FedEx and cannot be delivered to any PO boxes.  Returned or refused shipments will incur additional fees and FedEx charges for an address correction fee once the package has left our facility (minimum of $18).

What happens if my wine club shipment is sent back to Arrington Vineyards?2024-06-02T14:35:00-05:00

If a club shipment is returned for an incorrect address or three failed delivery attempts you will be responsible for the additional cost of reshipping or a restocking fee of $25. FedEx will attempt to deliver your wine three times before returning the wine to us. If you are unable to make arrangements to pick up your wines at your local FedEx facility after the three failed attempts and the shipment is returned to us, we will contact you to make arrangements for reshipping your wines. Additional shipping charges will apply. If there is no attempt to reship or pickup your wines within 30 days from the return date, the wines will be submitted to the donations department.

Once wine leaves the winery, Arrington Vineyards is not responsible for damaged wine due to adverse weather conditions or improper storage.

What does shipping cost?2022-02-01T21:43:27-05:00

When shipping wine, sales tax will be charged based on the “ship to” state and cost of shipping will vary depending on your zone plus the weight of your order (FedEx Ground ranges from $26 to $50).  Discounts to shipping rates only apply to the first attempt FedEx Ground rate and excludes reships or address correction fees.

Can you ship wine to every state?2021-12-01T17:29:59-05:00

Unfortunately, due to many different state laws, we cannot accept club memberships for shipment of wine outside the United States or to the following states: AK**(Please contact shipping dept. to see if we can ship to your region), AR, CT, DE, HI, MS, MT, RI, and UT.

Can I put my membership on ‘pause’?2024-02-16T14:10:17-05:00

Yes, you may place your account “on hold or skip” one automated club order after fulfilling the two (2) automated club order commitment. To do this, you must submit an emailed request at least 14 days prior to a club processing date.  Please note that you can request to ‘skip’ one automated club order per twelve-month period.

After a “skipped” shipment, we kindly ask that members accept the following shipment in order to maintain an Active Member status. Any request made less than 14 days of processing club orders is not guaranteed and two automated club orders can not be “skipped” consecutively.  If two automated orders are ‘skipped’ consecutively, your membership will be automatically canceled.

To request a ‘pause/skip’, please emils us: WineClub@ArringtonVineyards.com

How can I cancel my wine club membership?2023-10-11T16:26:59-05:00

Requests to cancel membership can be made by sending us an email, after receiving two (2) automated club orders and within a 14 day cancellation notice prior to processing a club order.  Emailed requests to cancel not received two weeks prior to processing a club order are not guaranteed.   If the request for cancellation comes after the 14 day period prior to a club processing month (March/May/Sept/Nov), that order will be processed as the final club order under the account.

To request a cancellation, please email us: WineClub@ArringtonVineyards.com

Members may cancel at any time after receiving two automated club orders without penalty. All wine purchases, tax and shipping are non-refundable after processing and an early cancellation fee of $50 will automatically be charged to the card on file (or discounts used upon signing up, if your discounts received are more than $50).

AUTOMATED CLUB ORDERS2023-10-11T16:46:00-05:00

All notifications/requests for wine club accounts need to be sent via email correspondence so there is clear record of the communication – WineClub@ArringtonVineyards.com.

Club orders are processed automatically every March, May, September & November (onsite and web orders do not count as an automated club order). Any customization requests submitted after your club has been processed will not be accepted. Gift cards can not be applied to automated club orders for payment. It is up to the wine club member to update account information before the processing of club orders. We offer a deadline for customizing your wine selection every club order so you will be able to control the wine club selections for every order – ALL CLUB SALES ARE FINAL.

Pick Up Members – Once orders have been picked up or left our property we can not exchange/refund those wines due to order errors/customizations not made before the processing date.  Due to space constraints at the winery, picking up your wine club order is available during regular business hours and is required to be picked up within 30 days of processing. If you can not pick up your club order in the allotted time we will conveniently ship your club order to the primary address on file for an additional fee (if your order is declined for the payment of shipping fees to the card on file we will hold the order up to an additional 30 days). It is the members responsibility to reach out to us about unclaimed wine club orders as we are unable to hold any club orders past 30 days.  Unclaimed wines will be sent to our Donations department after 60 days from the original purchase date.

Shipping Members – We are unable to refund a wine club order once it has been shipped.
We cannot accept returns of wine unless it is corked or flawed. We are also unable to accept return of wine that was damaged due to adverse weather conditions during shipment, or wine that is ordered in error. Weather damage may include leakage, freezing, and/or corks pushing. All returns must be handled within 60 days from purchase and all returned wines due to undeliverable packages must be handled within 60 days from the shipment being returned to Arrington Vineyards.

**Up to a 10% processing fee will be applied to all canceled orders due to order errors/customizations not made by the deadline before refunds are issued.  Unclaimed wines will be sent to our Donations department after 60 days from the original purchase date.**

Membership Terms of Agreement

I live locally and would like to pick up my wine club orders. Is this an option?2022-07-14T16:21:01-05:00

Absolutely! Due to space constraints at the winery, picking up your club order is available on a limited basis.  We will hold your wine club order for up to 30 days after it has been processed. If you are unable to pick up your wine order during this time, we will conveniently ship your wine to you and apply any shipping costs to the credit/debit card account that we have on file.  **If you miss picking up 2 club orders your account will automatically be switched to shipping for all future club orders**