Scarlet 2022

Made from Chambourcin grapes. This wine was made like a rosé but has more residual sugar and a slightly deeper color. The grapes were cold soaked for a short time to enhance the color of the juice prior to a cold 56°F fermentation in stainless steel tanks. The resulting wine was finished with residual sugar to balance its juicy red fruit flavors.

Food Pairing: Great summer and picnic wine. This wine pairs well with BBQ, burgers, picnic food, and spicy dishes

Sensory Notes:
Style: sweet rosé wine
Sweetness: sweet
Color: bright ruby red
Aroma: strawberry shortcake with a hint of mint
Flavor: juicy plum and black cherry

Technical Data:
Alcohol: 12.8% ABV
Residual Sugar: sweet – 3.8 g/L (29 grams of sugar per bottle)
Varietals: 100% Chambourcin